When trees are planted improperly, their roots grow in knots (as seen above), essentially suffocating the tree.  To correct this, Carrick's Tree Service uses a highly specialized tool called an air spade (as seen below) to expose the root girdles by removing the soil while leaving the roots in tact.  Specific overlapping roots would be cut and radial trenches would be created and filled with root stimulant in order to train the plant to grow roots outward into the surrounding earth.
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ROOT GIRDLING:  Does this look familiar?
COLLAR ROT: Why hire a trained profession to plant trees
If trees are planted too deep or too much mulch is placed around the base of the tree (as seen below), the constant moisture against the bark will create a condition called collar rot.  Once the protective bark has rotted away, insects, micro organisms and fungi can easily enter the tree and begin to damage the plant.
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